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The name Campus Musick, a performance/lecture series at the Department of Musicology, refers to its setting on the campus of Klagenfurt University, and to its subject (in its old English spelling).

Two to three times per term artists who have an individual impact on the musical culture of our time will be presented. This does not refer to "big names" in the music business, but rather to musicians who reveal interesting tendencies in our musical present as soloists or in smaller ensembles, and who impose standards of current music making through their composition, interpretation, and/or improvisation.

The series will enrich cultural life on campus and carry its impact beyond the university, especially to Carinthia and into the Alpe-Adriatic Region.

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bm:uk Abteilung Musikwissenschaft
Association Campus Musick c/o Department of Musicology at Klagenfurt University